Takahiro Yoshinaga

Takahiro Yoshinaga

Takahiro Yoshinaga
Patent & Trademark Attorney

After completing a graduate degree in agricultural sciences, he worked for a patent firm in Tokyo for four years.

After qualifying as a patent attorney, he worked for a law firm in Tokyo for 5 years.

In 2007, he became independent and established Yoshinaga International Patent Firm, specializing in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and food (agri-field).

He calls himself Japan’s first “Patent Attorney Specialized in Agri-Field” and focuses his practice on intellectual property in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the environment.

He is also active as a part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Agriculture (Introduction to Intellectual Property) and a lecturer at intellectual property seminars in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, and is committed to promoting and developing intellectual property in the agri-field.

He joined Blanche International Intellectual Property Office in 2023.